You should travel light but at same time carry all the essential things for your trip.


They are essential for your travel including fans from analog as me. You should have in consideration the portability, weight and efficiency of your equipments in order to satisfy all your travel needs.

In my travel to Japan these will be my equipment:

  1. I can’t travel without my photo camera. Beeing an amateur i don’t feel the need of bring a full gear with me. I always take my dear Nikon D90 which becomed my inseparable travel buddy along the years. It remains reliable and ready for action despite the long list of accidents: already fell from one of the biggests stupas in Bagan (Myanmar), survived to a scooter acident in Kratie (Cambodia) and woke up from a deep sleep after a strong sharp blow in Tehran (Iran). Together with my photo camera i will take a 50 mm and a 18-120mm camera lens. I particulary don’t like so much the 18-120mm lens but didn’t manage to find an affordable alternative for Japan;
  2. This will be my first trip in which i will work while i travel and so i had the need to invest in a small laptop. Considering that the life average of a laptop in my hands it is quite short i decided to bet in a low cost solution. After i realize that the low cost equipment from main brands are a “joke” i decided to bet in a cheap chinese computer with a fast processor and enought memory for my needs. I must say it exceed my expectations and I’m very happy with the performance and appearence;
  3. An old HD camera made in China that already proved to be eficient in many of my past travels. As i’m using it without any profissional purpose i don’t feel the need to invest in a better one;
  4. I always bring my mp3 as i don’t like to waste my mobile phone battery with music;
  5. My mobile phone oneplus which fortunately is compatible with Japan network.


  1. A book;
  2. A sketch book and draw/painting acessories which always follow me;
  3. A snorkel mask which i plan to use in Okinawa islands where i will stay about a week.

Clothes and acessories

  1. In what concern to clothes I will only take with me the basic and if i will need something else i will buy it during the trip. As i will experience a large range of temperatures i will carry the essencial for not die of cold and not melt with the warm weather;
  2. As usual i will take just a pair of sport shoes with me. Don’t like to carry shoes because beside being heavy they occupy too much space in my bag;
  3. I will take as well my flip flops independent the weather condition. I hope to use them at least in Okinawa islands as i don’t see myself with flip flops in Tokyo;
  4. My sun glasses which i lose everywhere i travel, i hope Japan it will be the exception;
  5. Everything i use for my personal hygiene in 100 ml recipients. My shaving machine will stay home as i not shave while i travel.

Other stuff

  1. Passport in a valid condition. Last year i find out that my passport was out of date on the way to airport. I definitely learned a lesson after loosing my flight to Iran in a silly way;
  2. JR pass for 14 days. I decided to buy it because I’m planning to use the train often in the last part of my trip. I will speak about the JR pass with more detail in a future post.

That’s it! In total i will carry 12 Kg which is pretty good. It will allows me to buy stuff on the way and take domestic flights without beeing worried with extra weight.

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  1. Boas aventuras. Sei que vais viver intensamente todos os momentos.Helena

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