I love music and whenever i travel i always prepare a pl4ylist for the road. Our brain can easily link the music to specific travel moments transforming a simple pl4ylist in your exclusive trip soundtrack. You can be sure that whenever you will listen these tracks you will revisit good moments from your trip.

For my next travel to Japan I did already my pl4ylist but it is not closed yet. You shouldn’t close it before the end of your trip. While you travel there will be many oportunities to add tracks to your list: you can count with suggestions from locals, other travellers tracks, musics you heard somewhere or concerts you watched. At the end of your trip and if everything went well you will have the double of the initial tracks.

I added to my playlist japanese music but as well other tracks about Japan. During my trip i will be able to listen from 80’s classics to japanese punk, from David Bowie to Kodo tradicional music. The discovery process was quite interesting allowing me to get in touch with japanese music scene and to find out more about their musical tastes.

Once all tracks colected i downloaded them to my mp3 and they are ready to be listened.

You can check some of my pl4ylist tracks here: Japan pl4ylist

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  1. will follow your trip to Japan …
    See you soon.

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