Travel book

Travel book

Instead of a travel guide that personally i’m not a fan I prefer to take with me a book to read while traveling. A book it is an excellent travel buddy and easily fit in a backpack (if you like e-books which is not my case your backpack can stay even lighter).
When i’m preparing a trip i always spend some of my time finding the right book to take. To be the chosen one it must accomplish the following requirements: be from a local writer, be short and of course make me curious.
Once chosen, i check the number of pages and i divide them by the number of days travelling in order to find how many pages i should read daily. It can sound strange but i like to finish my book exact time i’m ending my trip.

For my trip to Japan i was ready to choose a book from a writer that i particularly like, Haruki Murakami. However after thinking better i decided that i would prefer to discover other Japanese writer and i followed the suggestion of a good friend that recomended “The House of the Sleeping Beauties” from Yasunari Kawabata. It is a short book and i believe i will like it.

After Travel:

The House of the Sleeping Beauties” from Yasunari Kawabata it was an excelent choise. It is a story about a lonely man, Old Eguchi, who continuously visits the House of the Sleeping Beauties in hope of somenting more. While he admires the girl’s beauty, he recalls his past womanizing, and reflects on the relentless course of old age.
I recomend it.

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