Golestan Waterfalls

Golestan Waterfalls

In Golestan Province near Gorgan you can visit Kaboudwall waterfall and if you continue on the road to Gonbad-e Kabus you will find as well the Shirabad waterfall, both are surrounded by an amazing green forest with plenty of paths for you to get lost in the nature

The Shirabad Waterfall is a waterfall in the Alborz mountain range, is in the form of a stairway cascade and includes 12 large and small waterfalls. Its largest waterfall is 30 metres (98 ft) high and its plunge pool is 40 to 80 metres (130 to 260 ft) deep. There are several caves nearby, which are home to the critically endangered Gorgan salamander.

Kaboudwall waterfall it is near the Aliabad-e Katul city and is the largest full-moss waterfall in Iran and one of the promenade places in Golestan province. Its height is about six meters and its water is cool and potable.

pl4n | Spend a night in Gorgan and next day visit all natural attractions around. You can go to the Golestan Natural Park, Ziarat and the Kaboud-va & Shirabad waterfalls.

w4y | You can take a taxi, a private driver or hitchhike all the way long but i suggest you the following mix: a) A shared taxi from Gorgan to Aliabad-e Katul and from there you get a taxi / hitchhike to Kaboudva waterfall; b) A shared taxi from Aliabad until Khanbenin and from there you get a taxi / hitchhike to Sharabad waterfall; c ) A Shared taxi from Khanbenin to Gorgan.

4ctivities | There are many paths for you to hike and get alone in the park along the water courses.

c4sh | Taking in account that the taxi is quite cheap in north of Iran and the entrance tickets are very affordable i would say about 15€ maximum. In my case i payed less than €10 all included.

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