Khalid Nabi

Khalid Nabi

Near the border with Turkmenistan nestled in the Gokcheh Dagh hills of Turkmen Sahra, the tomb of Khalid Nabi (a Christian prophet born in Yemen in 530 A.D) it become a place of religious pilgrimage where the Turkmen come to seek resolution for their troubles by placing ribbons on his shrine.

Nearby there is the called “Valley of Genitalia” where exists a mysterious ancient cemetery with hundreds of headstones distinctly resembling male and female genitalia, some experts suggest that the site is an ancient burial ground established more than 1,000 years ago by nomadic Turkmen tribes in northeastern Iran.

pl4n | Camp during the spring in this mystic place surrounded by thousand of amazing green hills where you can hike and as well watch one of the most magic sunsets / sunrises you ever saw in your life.

w4y | Take a bus to Gonbad-e Qabus, once there find a driver which can take you to Khalid Nabi. Standard taxis will not goes there, you must negotiate a price with a private driver (distance is about 64km and will take 1h30m to arrive there), on the way back you can ask a pilgrim or a visitor to take you back to Gonbad-e Qabus. The road trip have landscapes out of this world don’t forget your camera.

4ccommodation | A tent, a sleeping bag and some warm clothes are the only things you will need to spend the night there. Near the mausoleum there are places where you can eat and buy some food.

4ctivities | There are many paths for you to hike and get alone with the nature and the vibrant energy from this special place.

c4sh | You can count with an inexpensive adventure, the bus from Tehran to Gonbad-e Kabus is not more than $5, the ride to Khaled Nabi is about $15 (maximum $20) and as you will not use either accommodation or a guide, you will spend maximum $30 in total (i spent $15), this price it will increase if you sleep in Gonbad-e Kabus the nigth before.

coordin4tes | Here they are: 37° 44′ 30.29? N, 55° 24′ 39.54? E

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