Once in Ishigaki i took an early ferry to Taketomi Island and after 10 minutes i was arriving in my destination. There are ferries every 30 minutes from 7:30 to 18:00 daily. The trip costs about ¥580/1,100 one-way/return.
Taketomi island is a lovely small island which you can discover either walking or on bike. Bike it can be a good option for the hot summer days. In my case i decided to walk around the island.

As soon as i arrived to Port i began to walk along a small path until Nishi Pier where i stoped to relax for awile in the blue waters.
From there i walked by the coast to the beautifull Kondoij beach where i stoped for quite a good time for swim and relax. Even out of the season the water was amazing.

After chiling in Kondoji beach i follow my way to Kaiji beach. You shouldn’t wait for an amazing sandy beach and the sea there have strong currents. However if you have patiente you can spend some time searching for the famous star sand which you can find in this beach.
When i finnaly found some star sand to bring as souvenir i followed path until the village.

Star sand from Kaiji beach.

Taketomi is known for its “traditional Okinawan” houses with stone vulcanic walls and covered with red tiled roofs. You will be able to see as well ample lion-like shisa statues to ward of evil spirits. A touristic village nowadays but in which you will enjoy a walk. Before continue your walk through the island it can be a good option to have some food. You can try one of the many dishes made with kuruma-ebi a kind of shrimp cultivated in the island.
After eating i took my way to Na-ra Beach where i chilled again for awile before returning to Port.

Thousands of lovely butterflies followed me during all my path across the island.
It was an amazing day but was time to come back in Ishigaki and have a delicious meal to recharge batteries.

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